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Statement from the Society of Broadcast Engineers regarding its affiliation agreement with the Broadcast Engineers Society of Pakistan (May 21, 2010)

 The SBE was included in Tom Ray’s e-mail message sent to a number of recipients, including representatives of broadcast engineering publications, and the SBE is aware of his social networking posts concerning the Society’s recently executed memorandum of understanding with the Broadcast Engineers Society of Pakistan (BESPAK). The SBE wants to correct some misunderstandings.

Tom Ray is a good friend of the SBE, and is an eminent and respected broadcast engineer. He is a former SBE board member and a current SBE chapter chair. Tom raises serious issues that are deserving of a timely response. The SBE disagrees however, with its colleague in virtually all respects.

The 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington left all of us profoundly scarred. Those events, and our memories, however, have nothing to do with the valuable international relationships that SBE has cultivated for many years with professional broadcast engineers and their national societies in many countries, including India, Mexico, South Korea and others. The SBE eagerly encourages these international relationships, and we will continue to do so. BESPAK reached out to the SBE to forge a mutually beneficial international bond and engage in mutual cooperation in education. There is no animosity between the United

States and the country of Pakistan and our two countries have an ongoing diplomatic relationship. There certainly is no connection between BESPAK and any group or individual who may wish to harm the US, including those who have taken refuge in Pakistan or in any other country. We believe that Tom’s concerns are without foundation and note that it is unfair to make unwarranted assumptions or characterizations about our fellow broadcast engineers in other countries.

To correct some misinformation that has followed Tom’s posting. The SBE has not refused SBE membership to any member of BESPAK. Nor have we refused to allow any member of BESPAK to use SBE logos or name, or imposed any other restriction on our association with BESPAK not applicable to members of other international societies with which the SBE is affiliated.

The SBE welcomes its new affiliation with BESPAK and is proud of our international relationships with other broadcast engineering societies, which the Society believes benefit all SBE members, and all broadcast engineers.

Vinny Lopez, CEV, CBNT



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