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Drones for Tower Inspection

Originally presented July 29, 2021

With the advent of reliable sUAS (small unmanned aircraft systems), combined with gyroscopically stabilized optical and infrared cameras, it is now possible to safely and affordably detect problems on towers that just a few years ago were impossible or difficult to see. Over the past year, presenter Paul Shulins has obtained certification as a level-one thermographer, and he has put those skills to use by obtaining meaningful data and by helping tower owners diagnose problems on the tower that in some cases were either difficult or impossible to detect using spectrum analyzers or TDR technology. Shulins will share what he has learned about applying IR imaging to broadcast environments, as well as describing the latest VSWR Protection systems he has installed at many multiplexed TV and radio broadcast facilities.

Your Instructor

Paul Shulins, CBRE, President of Shulins’ Solutions

Paul ShulinsPaul Shulins, CBRE, is president of Shulins’ Solutions, a radio and TV broadcast consulting firm in Andover, MA, specializing in remote control solutions, studio design and construction, antenna protection systems and ratings metrics.  Over the past year, he obtained certification as a level one thermographer.

Paul has worked as a radio chief engineer for 40 years and is a member of SBE, holding an SBE Radio Chief Engineer. He is also a member of the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society and has co-chaired the BTS Broadcast Symposium for several years. He has presented and authored numerous papers and articles. Paul earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of New Hampshire System with majors in physics, chemistry and natural sciences. He is a private pilot, and enjoys astronomy, skiing, and photography, and operates his Arizona observatory remotely collecting deep sky images


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