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SIP Series, Module 2: Service and Troubleshooting Techniques for VoIP

Originally streamed Oct. 21, 2021

Module 2 of the SIP series answers the question: What do I do when I have issues with my VoIP-based broadcast phone system? The webinar explores practical VoIP troubleshooting techniques using real-world examples from broadcasters, and is designed to assist broadcast technologists in identifying the root cause of common VoIP problems. It will also provide tips and tricks for working with telecom providers to resolve upstream issues more quickly. 

This presentation will be useful for broadcast technologists with a small to medium amount of experience with VoIP, as well as for those who are currently tasked with maintaining existing broadcast VoIP systems, such as talk show phone systems and SIP PBXs. The material assumes a basic level of familiarity with VoIP within the context of broadcast systems, which was provided in Module 1 of this series.

Your Instructors

Shaun Dolan, Partner, Inrush Broadcast Services
Christen Roberts, Technical Advisor, IQ Wired

Shaun DolanShaun is a partner at Inrush Broadcast Services, a technology integration firm. He focuses on delivering the benefits of virtualized architectures while incorporating tried-and-true broadcast technology. His team provides turnkey project management, solutions consulting, and outsourced engineering support to respected media creators across the US. Previously, Shaun was a product manager at Telos Alliance, where his team developed a new virtualized broadcast talk show system and managed the VoIP product line.

Christen RobertsChristen is a telecom ninja, well-known among broadcasters for her ability to solve the toughest telecom problems. In her role at IQ Wired, a boutique consulting firm that bridges the gap between technology and people, she works with business enterprises to get them connected to the right-fit service providers. She expertly translates business initiatives into technology that works, resulting in efficiency and expediency; saving time, money and sanity. Her gift is building authentic relationships and trust with clients and service providers through co-creation and continual improvement.

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This webinar is approximately 90 minutes long. 

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