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Taking Attendance on a Zoom Meeting

Zoom CallWhile there are restrictions on meeting in person, many chapters are meeting via Zoom and other online applications. These virtual chapter meetings will qualify a chapter for a rebate from the SBE National Office, but chapters must submit the required meeting reports.

Taking attendance at virtual meetings has been a challenge for some, but Zoom has a feature than makes it very easy to take attendance. The meeting host can download an attendance report by following these easy steps:

  • Login to Zoom on the website.
  • On the dashboard, find the ADMIN section. Click on ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT.
  • Click on REPORTS.
  • Click on ACTIVE HOSTS in the list of available reports.
  • Adjust the dates to show the meeting for which you want an attendance report. Report are only available for 1 month after a meeting is held and 15 minutes after a meeting has ended.
  • In the Participants column for the desired meeting, click the number showing the participants.
  • There are options to show unique users and to export the data with the meeting information.
  • Click the EXPORT button to save the report as a .CSV file.

Clean that up and add additional member info if you can, and include the attendance information with the chapter meeting report when you send it to the SBE National Office.