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Certified Broadcast Networking Technologist (CBNT)

CBNT Application (fillable form)

This certification is designed for persons who wish to demonstrate a basic familiarity with networking hardware as utilized in business and audio/video applications in broadcast facilities. The Certified Broadcast Networking Technologist certification can be obtained by meeting the following requirements:

By achieving a passing grade on the proficiency examination.

There is no experience requirement to be eligible for the examination other than current employment in broadcast engineering or related technology.

The Certified Broadcast Networking Technologist Exam: The exam is three hours and consists of 50 multiple-choice questions relating to radio and television broadcast station internal network installation and operation. The examination is not software-specific and is designed to place an emphasis on the hardware and installation issues common to all platforms. Each exam is computer-selected from a pool of questions, and every exam is unique. Each correct answer will be worth two (2) points. The Broadcast Networking Technologist exam will consist of questions on:

  • Network topologies and layouts
  • Common network protocols
  • Wiring standards and practices             
  • Maintenance, troubleshooting and connectivity issues
  • Challenges unique to broadcast-based networks