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Cloud Streaming: Techniques for Executing Content for Maximum Distribution

April 22, 2021 | 2 p.m. ET

Streaming your radio station or other audio content live to the Internet can bring hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of listeners to your programming.  This short tutorial will give you the confidence to move ahead, understanding the basic process.  We’ll begin with audio processing, which is more important than you might imagine. Next we’ll dive into audio encoding technologies including multi-rate streaming. We’ll look into metadata insertion, too. Then we’ll discuss the most common methods to gain appropriate streaming distribution to your audience. Finally, we’ll see which of these functions can effectively be done in an Internet cloud environment.

Attendees will gain a good working understanding of the streaming audio process from playout to end listener.

About Your Instructor

Kirk A. Harnack, CBRE, CBNE, Senior Systems Consultant, The Telos Alliance

Kirk HarnackKirk Harnack, CBRE, CBNE, brings 40 years of hands-on experience in broadcast engineering and education to his position as senior solutions consultant at the Telos Alliance. His expertise in putting technology to work in broadcast facilities has driven notable expansion in audio over IP, VoIP for broadcast, audio processing and other new technology adoption by content creators.

Kirk maintains an active, hands-on-role in broadcast engineering through his positions as a partner and VP engineering of South Seas Broadcasting, Inc., Delta Radio, LLC, and Kaua’i Broadcast Partners, totaling 14 AM and FM radio stations. He is a broadcast meteorologist (WSMV, Nashville), fixed-wing private pilot, FAA Part 107 SUAS pilot and licensed General Class Amateur Radio operator (KD5FYD). He is a member of the Board of Directors of the SBE and is program chair of SBE Chapter 103 in Nashville.

Kirk founded and hosts the Internet video netcast, This Week in Radio Tech (TWiRT). The one-hour weekly video netcast features regular contributors and guests from the world of radio engineering.

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