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AoIP Module 8 - Troubleshooting IP Systems

Thursday, October 15, 2020 at 2 p.m. ET

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Course Description

It has been said that the future of audio and video is on packet-switched networks.  In the past, a label on a cable and the points it was connected between told you almost everything you needed to know about the circuit and signal flowing. The circuit and the signal were almost one in the same. As system topologies for professional audio & video progressed from analog to digital, much of broadcasting technology remained connected by point-to-point circuits. To change a signal path, you changed a circuit path.

Join us for this webinar as Edwin Bukont, M.Sc., CTS, CSRE, E2 Technical Services & Solutions, and Shane Toven, CBRE, CBNT, senior broadcast engineer, KLOVE.com and Air 1 Broadcast Networks discuss the advances in modern packet-switched networks or IP Networks. This webinar will help you understand how to troubleshoot IP networks and differentiate between physical and logical concerns. Participants should already have a grasp of the basics of modern networking through Layer 4 of the OSI model. 


About Your Instructors - Ed Bukont, M.Sc., CTS, CSRE, E2 Technical Services and Solutions; Shane Toven, CSRE, CBNT Senior Broadcast Engineer, Educational Media Foundation

Ed BukontEd Bukont, M.Sc., CTS, CSRE, E2 Technical Services and Solutions, has been involved in the artful application of science to audio and video systems for more than 45 years and broadcasting for more than 35 years. Since 2000, Ed has worked as a contractor in radio and TV, having both his own company, E2 Technical Services, Nashville, TN,  and providing services through other firms for facilities from coast to coast USA. He holds a variety of professional certifications in broadcast and A/V, has contributed to industry publications and standards such as NRSC 5,  AES67 and continues to pursue a passion for pushing the envelope on technology, especially in the arena of audio over IP. And you can listen on YouTube to two record albums he engineered for “Proof of Utah”

Shane TovenShane Toven, CSRE, CBNT, has been involved in the field of broadcast engineering for more than 27 years. Starting as a volunteer for KAXE-FM (Grand Rapids, MN) at the age of 13, where he learned the trade and became a full-time engineer. In 2006, Shane joined Wyoming Public Media at the University of Wyoming and shortly thereafter became the director of engineering. He left Wyoming Public Media to pursue an editorial position with Radio magazine in 2014. In 2016, Shane joined the TV Solutions Group of the Telos Alliance as an applications engineer. After a couple of years in the glamorous business of broadcast equipment manufacturing, Shane returned to broadcast engineering full-time as a field engineer for Educational Media Foundation. He was recently promoted to senior broadcast engineer for Educational Media Foundation, and is now responsible for engineering R&D for the K-LOVE and Air1 broadcast networks.


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