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Introduction to Matching Networks and Phasing

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Course Description

At the heart of any AM transmission system is any number of matching networks that are used to impedance match the antenna to the transmission line and transmitter and provide proper inter-element current phasing. These networks, composed of mica and vacuum capacitors and plated coils that often sing with modulation, are the stuff of mystery. Many capable broadcast engineers who have not previously dealt with these components and networks approach them with some trepidation, as they have for decades been the realm of the consulting engineer, things not to be touched if at all possible. While there is wisdom in leaving a working system alone, any engineer responsible for the care and feeding of an AM transmission facility should understand the networks therein.

The purpose of this course is to give the student a good overall understanding of the various types of networks used in an AM transmission system, the situations in which each might be used and calculating the leg values thereof. It also discusses the phase budget for a phasing and coupling system and the use of power divider and phasing networks therein.

Table of Contents

  • Matching, L and Tee Networks Practical Considerations for Matching Networks
  • Phase Shifting Networks and Power Dividers
  • Phase Budget
  • Network, Divider and Shifter Designs
  • Multi-Mode Systems

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