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Wireshark Webinar Part 1 - Introduction


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Stephen Poole, the market chief engineer for Crawford Broadcasting presents an introduction to network troubleshooting with Wireshark, a free network packet analyzer that is available online..  In this webinar, he will provide a brief review of the TCP/IP networking as well as an introduction to network data packet analysis. Simple examples of network troubleshooting will be demonstrated, as well as becoming aware of just how much data the typical network connection handles in a typical work day. 

Stephen PooleAbout Your Instructor: Stephen Poole, Market Chief Engineer for Crawford Broadcasting, Birmingham, AL

In his role as market chief engineer for Crawford Broadcasting, Stephen Poole maintains most of the company's servers, including email and web.  He has been certified as an electronic technician since the 1980s, and more recently with the SBE as CBT, CBRE and AMD.  He has decades of experience with radio engineering, computer, embedded systems and networking.

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