The Society of Broadcast Engineers

The Association for Broadcast and Multimedia Technology Professionals

Program Ideas for SBE Chapters

Topics are listed in alphabetical order. If you have a suggestion for additional topics, or if you are a Sustaining Member and want to suggest a topic, please contact the SBE. Not a Sustaining Member? Learn more.

Good programs bring good attendance. Good attendance creates a healthy chapter. Healthy chapters mean a healthy SBE. So start planning your next meeting!

Several SBE Sustaining Member companies are available to present at chapter meetings as well.

  1. AC power generator maintenance
  2. AC power to a new site
  3. Acoustics
  4. ATSC 3.0
  5. Audio processors
  6. BAS technical issues
  7. Certification Program by SBE
  8. Combiners for DTV
  9. Combiners for IBOC
  10. Coverage maps and signal analysis
  11. Datacasting in radio
  12. Datacasting in TV
  13. Demos of test equipment, tools, etc.
  14. Desktop audio
  15. Desktop video, NLE
  16. Digital rights management
  17. Disaster preparedness logistics: staying on the air, emergency event coverage
  18. Documentation methods used to catalog a studio wiring database
  19. EAS technology and equipment, your local plan
  20. Electrical code issues for broadcasters; the UL standard for broadcast equipment
  21. ENG products
  22. ENG wireless coordination
  23. Engineer – Who can use the term? Attempted regulation by state governments
  24. Facility construction
  25. Facility security
  26. FCC forms, filling them out
  27. FCC inspection preparation: what do they look for? (presented by your local FCC field office inspector)
  28. FCC positions and challenges
  29. Fiber optic systems
  30. FM antenna theory; bandpass filter and combiner theory
  31. Frequency coordination
  32. History of broadcasting
  33. History of the SBE
  34. Hold a joint meeting with another group (AES, SMPTE, SCTE, etc.)
  35. Hold a social event: provide food; invite family members
  36. HVAC
  37. IBOC/HD Radio
  38. Lightning protection, surge arrestors, grounding techniques
  39. Local area networks (LANs)
  40. Microwave paths and equipment
  41. NAB Convention report by someone who attended
  42. New developments in digital audio broadcasting (DAB)
  43. New developments in high definition television (HDTV)
  44. NRSC-2 compliance measurement techniques
  45. OSHA standards for broadcasters
  46. PC troubleshooting, service and maintenance
  47. Personal report on an interesting remote broadcast or overseas trip
  48. Power safety
  49. Practical solutions for HDTV transmission
  50. Public speaking instruction
  51. Radio automation solutions
  52. Remote transmission methods
  53. RF safety compliance
  54. Round table discussion
  55. Server-based technology
  56. Studio ergonomics
  57. Studio wiring techniques
  58. Technology cost management
  59. Tour a cellular telephone switching office
  60. Tour a local broadcast facility
  61. Tour a local utility facility
  62. Tour a national weather service facility or local emergency management facility
  63. Tour a sports or convention facility
  64. Tower stress analysis
  65. Transmitter monitoring and measurement
  66. Transmitters
  67. Video analog to digital conversion
  68. Video automation solutions
  69. Video presentation from the SBE Video Library
  70. Voice over IP
  71. Voltage regulators and stand-by power