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SBE WEBxtraThe SBE launched the SBE WEBxtra in January 2019 to act as a chapter of the web for SBE members. It was created following the SBE strategic planning conference held in June 2018. Part of its objective is growing and retaining membership, attracting new and younger members to the SBE, and increasing participation in SBE activities among members.

This monthly, virtual program for member engineers, technicians and other broadcast professionals, provides information about the SBE or broadcast technology. It is not intended to replace a local chapter meeting, but SBE members who do not have a chapter near them, or have conflicts that prevent them from attending chapter meetings can view the SBE WEBxtra to stay involved.

For those holding SBE certification, viewing the SBE WEBxtra qualifies for 0.5 points in category G (attendance), just like attending a local chapter meeting.

Watch Live

Watch the SBE WEBxtraThe SBE WEBxtra is streamed live on the SBE YouTube Channel and the SBE Chapters Facebook group. The feed typically begins a few minutes before the start of the show. Refresh the channel and the live video should appear. If not, try the button below.

SBE YouTube

The SBE WEBxtra is also streamed live via the GFQ Network. Refresh the page or click the WATCH LIVE button at the top if the SBE WEBxtra isn’t playing.

The GFQ Network uses as its content distribution network. If you have problems viewing the SBE WEBxtra on the GFQ Network, try viewing it on

We will try to post it on the Facebook SBE Chapters and Facebook SBE pages.

Watch Later

Installments are archived and posted on the SBE YouTube Channel.