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SBE Certified Schools

One objectives of the SBE Certification Program is to encourage broadcast engineers to continue their professional development. The growth of professional status of the entire industry is one of our major goals. The continuing education of broadcast engineers is necessary to remain current with the state of the art. With recent changes in the nature of the industry itself, it has become necessary to understand the emerging technologies and understand the way in which we can be of substantial benefit to our employers.

There are many ways to increase your knowledge, from local chapter meetings, to schools in your area, to regional and national conferences. The SBE has long recognized that training is one of its primary missions.

Following is a list of technical schools offering broadcast and broadcast related training. These have been identified by the SBE National Certification Committee from information that has been gathered from our chapters.

Please feel free to recommend other courses and or technical schools by submitting them to Certification Director Megan Clappe at

Students must apply within one year of graduating.

SBE Certified Schools

Bates Technical College

2320 South 19th Street Tacoma, WA 98405 Contact: Roland Robinson Phone: 253-680-77554

For course completion, certification applicants must take the SBE Certified Broadcast Technologist (CBT) exam.

CBT application

SBE Certified Training Facilities in the Military

AFRTS Technical Training Program

Defense Information School 6500 Mapes Rd. Ft. Meade, MD  20755 Contact: Michael Gannon, Director, Institutional and Academic Affairs Phone: 301-677-2968 e-mail:

Certified Broadcast Technologist (CBT) certification is granted upon satisfactory completion of the military training program and a review by the National Certification Committee. This includes completion of the Basic Television Equipment Maintenance Course and the Broadcast Radio and Television Maintenance Course. Applications must be completed within one year of completing the course.

CBT application