The Society of Broadcast Engineers

The Association for Broadcast and Multimedia Technology Professionals


Each year the SBE Board of Directors adopts legislative goals based on recommendations from its Government Relations Committee, regulatory counsel and interested members. The plan serves as a guideline for the Society on how it is to focus its resources in the areas of legislation and media regulation that affect our membership.

Legislative Goals

  1. To protect, preserve and maintain the integrity of allocated broadcast and broadcast auxiliary frequency spectrum.
  2. To protect the designation and capabilities of “broadcast engineers” from encroachment or abridgment by state, local and other government agencies.
  3. To maintain and/or increase the technical expertise within the Federal Communications Commission; and to ensure that decisions made by the Commission are based on sound technical investigation and evaluation.
  4. To pursue other such matters that are brought to the attention of the Government Relations Committee by the members of the Society of Broadcast Engineers, the Board of Directors, and partners of the Society of Broadcast Engineers.

Suggestions or comments about the SBE’s legislative program and goals may be addressed to the chairman of the SBE Government Relations Committee or the SBE National Office.

Regulatory and Legislative Issues

Positions and opinions of the Society of Broadcast Engineers are posted here on regulatory and legislative issues that affect our members.

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