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Volunteer Frequency Coordinator Accreditation Program


The purpose of the accreditation program is to maintain the quality and professionalism of SBE Frequency Coordination through the objectives of

  • Consistency of approach and
  • Accountability to established standards


While many capable volunteers have served ably as frequency coordinators in markets throughout the United States, there has not been a mechanism in place whereby SBE can attest to the quality of the service being provided across all markets. Further, there have been no criteria for ensuring coordinators are kept up-to-date on regulatory and technological changes affecting frequency coordination. At a time when SBE is involved at the national level with FCC actions, it is increasingly important that the extant coordination program be perceived as uniformly professional, capable and responsive to the industry’s needs.


SBE is implementing Frequency Coordinator Accreditation as a voluntary program. At the national level, SBE will not require any volunteer coordinator to become accredited, nor will it ask any coordinator to step down merely because he or she chooses not to become accredited. Wherever possible, SBE leaves it to local chapters to designate one or more frequency coordinators to serve the respective chapter’s market(s). Similarly, it will be left to the local chapter to decide whether to require accreditation as a condition of serving as that chapter’s coordinator. Accreditation does not constitute an appointment or acceptance of volunteer service. There is no cost and no test to take.


At a minimum, an accredited frequency coordinator will be expected to commit to performing his or her duties in accordance with the following performance standards adopted by the SBE national Board of Directors. Failure to adhere to the standards may result in revocation of accreditation.

The Accredited Frequency Coordinator Will:

  • Act as a facilitator of contact between and among users of Broadcast Auxiliary Service (BAS) spectrum in accordance with SBE policy.
  • Adhere to the Society of Broadcast Engineers Canons of Ethics (whether a current SBE member or not).
  • Endeavor to remain well-informed on FCC rules pertaining to BAS frequency coordination (e.g., at a minimum either read The Signal or subscribe to the applicable listserv) and demonstrate willingness to share such information at the chapter level (e.g., through participation at meetings or local newsletter articles).
  • Maintain and update the local BAS database in as complete a form as possible.
  • Respond in a prompt, unbiased and professional manner to all reasonable requests for information from the database or access thereto.
  • Make every reasonable effort to accommodate all parties desiring to coordinate in good faith.

How to Become Accredited

To accomplish accreditation, frequency coordinators are asked to sign a one-time pledge adhering to the performance standards adopted by the SBE Board (as developed and recommended by the Frequency Coordination Committee). Coordinators will be asked to renew their accreditation pledge upon adoption of any substantial revisions to the performance standards.

Frequency Coordinator Accreditation Application