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Chapter Administration

Program Ideas for SBE Chapters

Local SBE chapters meetings provide great opportunities for members to learn about new or existing technology, regulatory issues and other topics of interest. In an effort to make meeting planning easier, the SBE National Office has created a list of chapter program ideas and speakers to help local chapters with meeting topics.

A list of chapter program ideas

A list of available chapter meeting speakers from SBE Sustaining Member Companies

Is your chapter meeting via Zoom? Here are instructions on gathering an attendee list to submit your chapter meeting report.

Chapter Administration Forms

The following forms are available in MS Word and/or PDFs:

Chapter Leadership Training

The SBE is producing a series of instructional videos on chapter leadership. These are designed to supplement the Chapter Operations Manual. These videos are also posted on the SBE’s YouTube channel.

Board/Chapter Liaisons

An SBE board member is assigned to each chapter to serve as a primary contact. Click here to find your liaison.  Contact your board liaison anytime you have a question or concern regarding SBE national policies, to request help for your chapter or to suggest an idea.

Chapter Finances

Chapter Rebate – Qualifying chapters receive an annual cash rebate of a portion of the national membership dues paid by regular, senior and associate members. Rebates are paid on June 1 each year to chapters who have met at least five times during the previous year and provided documentation to the National Office of the program content and attendance.

Chapter Bank Accounts – Federal banking laws require an IRS-issued, Employer Identification Number (EIN), although chapters do not employ anyone, to open a bank account for your chapter. An EIN is easy to obtain and can be done online, as well as by phone, fax or mail. We have prepared an easy “just for SBE chapters” EIN line-by-line instruction sheet to help you complete the on-line form.

SBE National Calendar

The SBE maintains a calendar of all SBE events. Chapters are encouraged to create their own calendars using any of the available resources. Many, such as Google Calendars, are free. an iCal link from the SBE National Calendar can be provided to automatically add events to the chapter calendar.

Web Hosting and Member Email Lists

SBE Chapters are encouraged to create and maintain their own websites. The official SBE logo (linked below) can be used for chapter sites. The National Office can assist with additional information or site ideas. The SBE does not provide website hosting services.

Chapter leaders can request a list of all members assigned to a chapter by contacting the National Office.


SBE Logos

SBE chapters and members may use the official SBE logo on chapter newsletters, websites, meeting report forms, etc. Members may use the official logo to indicate their status as an active member on business cards, personal web sites, letterhead, etc. Click here to download the official logo and for instructions on correct usage.

Use of Copyrighted Material

Chapters are cautioned to ensure that permission is received from the owner to use copyrighted white papers, diagrams, photos, audio recordings or other creative works, before they are posted or published on the chapter’s website, in its newsletter or other chapter communications available to members or the public. Copyrighted material generally must not be used without expressed permission provided by the owner of the work. Material found on the internet without a copyright notice does not indicate that it can be used without permission. If in doubt, don’t use it!