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The logos pictured here are the SBE national organization logos and should be used when referring to or affiliating with the SBE national organization. Chapters may use these logos on their websites, newsletters, signs, or business cards. For chapter use, the logo should be placed next to the chapter number and/or name. For individual use, the logo should be accompanied with the word “member.”

Note: JPG versions are on a white background. PNG versions have a transparent background. All images are RBG. For CMYK versions, convert the color space or contact the SBE office for assistance. Also note that these image are rather large. To use them online, resize them to the size being displayed instead of using HTML sizing tags, which will result in poor quality display.

For questions or concerns about how to use the SBE logo, or if you are not sure which logo to use, contact the SBE.

SBE Color, Embossed Logo

SBE Color, Embossed Logo: This logo is to be used on chapter websites, or on company websites when affiliating with the SBE. Useful for electronic media, such as slideshow presentations, videos, etc. This is the preferred logo to use unless printing or display limitations dictate use of another version.

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SBE Color Logo flat

SBE Color Logo flat: This logo can be used on business cards, newsletters, and other printed media. The color of the logo is Pantone 300 Blue or 91,59,0,0 in CMYK for the text and the circle. The gold ring is 17,27,100,0 in CMYK.

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SBE Logo black/white

SBE Logo black/white: This logo is best used on business cards, newsletters, and other printed media that is not colorized. This logo is used on awards, plaques, name badges, banners, signs, posters, etc.

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SBE Logo with Tagline

SBE Logo with Tagline: In 2015, the SBE adopted a standard tagline to identify the society. This tagline may be written out and placed near the logo, or use this version to place the text automatically.

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SBE 60th Anniversary Logo

To celebrate the SBE’s 60th anniversary, a special version of the logo is available. There are two versions for use on light (blue accent text) or dark (white accent text) backgrounds. Right-click and save as from the image below. For high-resolution needs, contact SBE Member Communications Director Chriss Scherer

SBE 60 Blue SBE 60 White


SBE Certified Logo

SBE Certified Logo

Are you SBE Certified? Use the SBE Certified logo on your website, resume, business card or letter head.

SBE Certified Logo Use:

  • The SBE Certified logo may only be used when including valid SBE Certification designations after your name.
  • Individuals may use the SBE Certified logo on business cards, letterhead, resumes or websites.
  • Only the official SBE Certified Logo can be used. No Variations or interpretations.

Download large PNG (resolution suitable for print)

Download small PNG (suitable for email signature)

SBE Sustaining Member Logo

SBE Sustaining Member logo

Individuals and organizations who are SBE Sustaining Members are encouraged to show their support of the SBE by placing this logo on their websites, marketing materials and other materials. This logo is only to be used by companies that are current sustaining members. If sustaining membership is dropped or lapses, former sustaining members must remove the logo from website and materials.

Download large JPG (resolution suitable for print)