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Candidates Announced for 2024 SBE Election

May 7, 2024

Each year, the SBE membership elects members to serve on the national Board of Directors, the governing body of the society. This includes all four officers for one-year terms and half the 12 directors for two-year terms. Additional candidates may be nominated by the membership. Any eligible member proposed by at least ten members to the national Secretary by June 23 will be added to the ballot.

The election will take place July 8 through August 7. Balloting will be via the election website, except for those members who have opted out of electronic voting this year or who have not provided the SBE National Office with their email address. They will receive their ballots through the mail.

The Nominations Committee is chaired by Jeff Welton, CBRE. Committee members are Joe Snelson, CPBE, 8-VSB, ATSC3, and Kirk Harnack, CBRE, CBNE.

For more information about candidacy, contact SBE Secretary Geary Morrill at or SBE Executive Director Jim Ragsdale at or 317-846-9000.

Nominations Committee Candidate Slate
* indicates incumbent

President – Ted Hand, CPBE, 8-VSB, AMD, ATSC3, DRB*
Chapter 45 Charlotte; Charlotte, NC

Vice President – Kevin Trueblood, CBRE, CBNT*
Chapter 90 Southwest Florida; Estero, FL

Secretary – Shane Toven, CPBE, DRB, CBNE
Chapter 43 Sacramento; Antelope, CA

Treasurer – Geary Morrill, CPBE, AMD, CBNE
Chapter 91 Central Michigan; Saginaw, MI

Treasurer – Jason Ornellas, CBRE*
Chapter 43 Sacramento; Sacramento, CA

David Antoine, CBRE, CBNT*
Chapter 15 New York City; Bronx, NY

Wiely Boswell, CBRE, CBNE
Chapter 118 Montgomery, AL; Montgomery, AL

Greg Dahl, CPBE*
Chapter 96 Rockford, IL; Rockford, IL

Dustin Hapli, CBNE
Chapter 26 Chicago; Buffalo Grove, IL

Jeff Juniet, CBTE
Chapter 42 Central Florida; Orlando, FL

Josh Lynch, CBTE
Chapter 46 Baltimore; Milton, DE

Sam Wallington, CPBE, CEA
Chapter 103 Nashville; Columbia, TN

Fred Willard, CPBE, 8-VSB, ATSC3, CBNT*
Chapter 37 Washington, DC; Dunkirk, MD

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