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Suggested CBNE Reference Materials

The National Certification Committee suggests the following as references in preparation for the Certified Broadcast Networking Engieer (CBNE) SBE certification examination. This is a list of publications that were used in the creation of the CBNE exam.

Titles in blue are linked and available through the SBE Bookstore, which offers a discount to SBE Members. Titles marked with an asterisk (*) are currently out of print; however, this does not mean they are out-of-date or unavailable through some booksellers or libraries.


  • Cisco CCNA Simplified – by Paul Browning, published by Reality Press Ltd, 2009, ISBN 0-9557-8153-1
  • Communications Systems and Networks, 3rd edition – by Ray Horak, published by Wiley, 2002, ISBN 0-7645-4899-9
  • Digital Content Management – by Joan Van Tassel
  • Ethernet: The Definitive Guide – by Charles Spurgeon, published by O’Reilly Media, 2000, ISBN 1-5659-2660-9
  • IP Address Management Principles and Practice – by Timothy Rooney, published by Wiley-IEEE Press, 2011, ISBN 0-4705-8587-0
  • LAN Wiring, 3rd Edition – by James Trulove, published by McGraw-Hill, 2005, ISBN 0-071-45975-8
  • Networking for Dummies, 12th edition – by Doug Lowe, published by For Dummies, 2009, ISBN 0-470-53405-2
  • Network Warrior – by Gary Donahue, published by O’Reilly Media, 2011, ISBN 1-4493-8786-1
  • SBE Broadcast Engineering Handbook – Jerry Whitaker, CPBE, 8-VSB, and the Society of Broadcast Engineers, published by McGraw-Hill, 2016, ISBN 978-0071826266
  • Video Systems in an IT Environment – by Al Kovalick

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Some of the general areas of emphasis on the CBNE will be:

Audio/Video over IP for Broadcast

  • Routing approaches
  • IP address management
  • UDP and TCP
  • Unicast/Multicast
  • Utilizing VPNs
  • QOS and Packet Loss and Jitter
  • IPv6
  • Wireless transmission performance issues

Digital Content Management

  • SMPTE/EBU Metadata framework
  • General Metadata wrappers
  • Process of MAM (Media asset management)
  • Content management
  • Digital Rights management

Video Systems in an IT World

  • Networked Media
  • Basics of File-Based Workflows
  • Storage and play-out systems as optimized for video
  • Large scale backup strategies
  • Database connectivity (ODBC)
  • High-Availability Design and Architecture
  • SDI

Data Transmission Systems and Practices

  • OSI layers
  • IP Address Assignment
  • DS and OC System data rates and service options

General PC Hardware, interconnection, and backup

  • Hard Drive Types and Applications
  • MAC Addresses and NICs
  • Categories of interconnection wiring
  • UTP and STP, Fiber Optic systems
  • System Fauld Tolerance, RAID, SAN, NAS
  • UPS Systems