The Society of Broadcast Engineers

The Association for Broadcast and Multimedia Technology Professionals

National Certification Committee

E-mail Address
Committee Chair
Ralph Hogan, CPBE, ATSC3, DRB, CBNE
Cris Alexander, CPBE, AMD, DRB Crawford Broadcasting Company CO
Jim Bernier, CPBE, CBNE FL
Dane Ericksen, PE, CSRTE, 8-VSB, CBNT CA
Doug Garlinger, CPBE, 8-VSB, ATSC3, CBNE IN
Hal Kneller, Jr., CPBE, AMD, DRB, CBNE FL
Troy Pennington, CSRE, CBNT TN
David Priester, CPBE NY
Rick Ryan, CPBE WI
Joe Snelson, Jr., CPBE,  8-VSB, ATSC3 TX
Shane Toven, CPBE, DRB, CBNE Educational Media Foundation CA
Larry Wilkins, CPBE, AMD, CBNT Alabama Broadcasters Association AL
Jim Wulliman, CPBE
Chairman Emeritus
Retired AZ

SBE Certification Department

Megan E. Clappe
Certification Director
SBE National Office IN
(position open)
Certification Assistant
SBE National Office IN