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Ennes Workshop Presenters

Note: Presenters vary from workshop to workshop.

Paul Adrian, CEO


Paul Adrian is an award-winning investigative journalist and a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. He founded latakoo, Inc. with Jade Kurian after spending nearly two decades as a television reporter. His final stop as an investigative reporter was KDFW-TV in Dallas, TX where he spent seven years. Adrian is a specialist in computer assisted reporting, who conducted analysis on major corporations as well as politicos. latakoo emerged from a journalism startup that needed to deliver high quality video fast from the field over the Internet. latakoo now provides a low-cost software-as-a-service solution to many television stations across the country.

Madison Batt, PE, SE, Director of Tower Engineering

KPFF Consulting Engineers

Madison J. Batt, PE, SE has over 37 years of experience as a Professional Engineer in the field of Structural Engineering. He has managed a wide range of projects, including educational facilities, office buildings, tunnels, bridges, hospitals, industrial facilities, and a wide variety of towers. For the past 30 years Batt has specialized in the design, examination, evaluation, analysis, site design, and permit assistance for Television, Radio and telecommunication towers and facilities. He has served as Principal-in-Charge and Project Manager for over 1,000 tower projects and has climbed and observed the condition of over 800 towers, ranging in height from 50 feet to 2,000 feet. He is licensed in 48 states, the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico.

David Brender, P.E., National Program Manager

Copper Development Association, Inc.

David Brender is National Program Manager for the Copper Development Association (CDA) in New York City. His duties involve directing and managing the electrical programs at CDA, including their power quality, building wire program, telecommunications wire, research and National Electrical Code activities, among others. He has presented several times before to broadcasting technical audiences.

He is a principal member of Panel 5 of the National Electrical Code, a Senior Member of the IEEE, and a life member of the Association of Energy Engineers.

Brender holds a Bachelor’s degree from New York University and an MBA degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University in addition to being a licensed Professional Engineer in 3 states.

Peter Burk, President

Burk Technology

Peter Burk, President of Burk Technology, Inc, has enjoyed a long relationship with broadcasters, beginning with more than 20 years in broadcast engineering. During this time, Burk was involved with pioneering work in diverse projects ranging from early experiments in multi-band audio processing, remote broadcasting, and, predictably, transmitter remote control. During this time Burk had numerous papers and technical articles published on AM antenna broadbanding, transmitter maintenance, speech synthesis, and transmitter control topics. He was the Radio Editor for Broadcast Engineering magazine and a contributor to Radio World. Burk built one of the first successful computer-based remote control systems while at WKBW in 1979.

In 1985, Burk founded Burk Technology, originally known as Advanced Microdynamics, and began producing the TC-8 Remote Control System. The success of this product led to the development of the well known ARC-16 system which remained in production for twenty five years, followed by the ARC Plus and ARC Plus Touch.

Burk continues to head the company, bringing the same innovative spirit and drive to the industry, fueled with new tech to solve contemporary broadcast challenges.

Patrick Campion, Director of Product Development

ENCO Systems, Inc.

Patrick Campion has spent his entire professional life in and around radio stations. He has run multi-station clusters in a top 25 market, hosted talk shows, been a music DJ and caught the technology bug. Since originally joining ENCO in 1999 Campion spent countless hours trying to find ways to make studio software reach its full potential. He’s been to hundreds of radio stations, trained thousands of operators, installed countless automation systems and learned a lot about what people want from this niche technology. At ENCO, Campion puts this knowledge to work as the Director of Product Development, continually striving to keep ENCO at the forefront of the digital audio delivery software industry.  

Ashley Condon, Director of Sales

Florical Systems

Ashley Condon started with FLORICAL in 2001. Since joining Florical Systems, Condon has worked as production manager (project management, build, QC, and test) from 2001-2007 before moving into sales. He attended the University of Florida’s Warrington College of Business, and is Cisco Enterprise Network Academy graduate. Additionally he is Microsoft MCP certified.

Kevin Dennis, Regional Sales Manager

Vislink, Inc.

Kevin Dennis is the South and Northwest Regional Sales Manager at Vislink (formerly known as Microwave Radio Communications) in Billerica, Massachusetts. Dennis has over 21 years of experience in RF microwave applications, technology and development for the broadcast industry. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Prior to joining Vislink, Dennis was employed with RF Technology in Norwalk, Connecticut. Positions held over this time include sales management, systems engineering/integration, and international field service of broadcast microwave and satellite systems. Now, as Regional Sales Manager at Vislink, he works directly with hundreds of Vislink customers providing customized wireless, video and IP solutions to suit their video collection and distribution needs.

Sean Edwards, Test and Development Engineer

Shively Labs

Sean Edwards has been with Shively since 1997 where he started as a production test technician and field representative servicing all of the US and abroad. He is working currently in new product development where he assists in the design and analysis of new products. Improvements and innovations to existing products is a continuing priority for him as well because the performance requirements for RF broadcast equipment are forever changing.

Edwards is returning to his studies this fall for his EE after taking a short 4 year break while starting a family with his wife in the mountains of western Maine.

Jon Hanson, Electrical Engineer

SPX Communication Technologies

Jon Hanson received his BSEE from North Dakota State University before going on to earn an MBA from Liberty University. He joined SPX Communication Technologies in 2008, bringing an expertise in software design and quickly developing a proficiency in electromagnetic simulation. Hanson is responsible for the simulation of R&D projects and new coax power dividers, as well as antenna systems with special requirements. In addition, he champions the custom software library which SPX has developed for designing and testing broadcast antenna systems.

Kirk Harnack, VP, Telos Products

The Telos Alliance

Kirk Harnack brings over 35 years of hands-on experience in broadcast engineering and education to his position at Telos. His expertise in putting technology to work in broadcast facilities has driven notable expansion in IP-Audio and other new technology adoption.

Harnack maintains an active, hands-on role in broadcast engineering through his positions as a partner and VP-Engineering of South Seas Broadcasting, Inc., licensee of KKHJ-FM and WVUV-FM in American Samoa. He is also partner and Director of Engineering for Delta Radio, LLC. Harnack is a certified meteorologist, private pilot, and licensed General Class Amateur Radio operator (KD5FYD). He has served as Chairman of the SBE Chapter in Memphis, Tennessee, and program chair and vice-chair of SBE Chapter 103 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Harnack founded the Internet netcast, “This Week in Radio Tech” or “TWiRT”. This 1-hour weekly video netcast features regular contributors and guests from the world of radio engineering.

Jeff Holdenrid, Sales Engineer

DoubleRadius, Inc.

For the last twelve years Holdenrid has been designing wireless networks for service providers around the globe with a primary focus on point to point and point to multi-point networks. He has recently been working with IP video security and VoIP. 11 of those years have been spent with DoubleRadius Inc.

Holdenrid is currently designing, supplying, and installing wireless solutions for Rural LEC’s, public utilities, and the broadcast industry. His department heads up mission critical deployments. These deployments require the most reliable solutions in the market and it makes him proud to know that he works for a company that stands behind its deployments. Holdenrid’s specialties include putting the pieces together. His best days are when people come to him with an idea and he gets to help them make it a reality.

Mark Johnson, Director of Technology

Ka You Systems

A native of Panama City, Florida, Mark Johnson moved to Tallahassee in the fall of 1983 to attend Florida State University, graduating in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science and a Minor in International Affairs. As a student Johnson began his foray into the world of broadcasting as an overnight board operator for WTNT AM/FM.

In an effort to learn more about broadcast operations, he often volunteered to assist the stations’ chief engineer in some of his more “glamorous” tasks…like cleaning the transmitters, and taking night time readings of the AM directional arrays. Ultimately, Johnson accepted a full-time position as a program director and assistant engineer at WTNT. Additionally, he served as the Producer and Engineer for the FSU Seminole Sports Network, producing both home and away games. Johnson originally joined the Tallahassee chapter of SBE in 1985, rejoining the SBE Washington, DC chapter in 2009.

After working as Director of Engineering for Florida-based Asterisk Communications in the late 80’s, Johnson, his wife, Karen, and their two young sons relocated to Washington, DC in 1990, when Johnson accepted the position of Senior Satellite Marketing Representative at National Public Radio. In 2004, he joined his wife and her partner, Linda Gimourginas, in developing a new broadcast satellite services company, Ka You Systems.

Ka You Systems provides the technology and services for the distribution of broadcast radio and television networks nationally. Ka You Systems designs and integrates satellite solutions using IP video, audio and data in either C band or Ku band. Ka You takes pride in offering a customized satellite solution and “hands-on” assistance to every customer throughout the entire satellite integration process. Currently Ka You Systems and its sister company, Ka You Communications, serves dozens of clients by providing satellite services at five separate orbital positions.

Steve Lampen, CBRE, Multimedia Technology Manager


Steve Lampen has worked for Belden for nineteen years and currently is Multimedia Technology Manager. Prior to Belden, Lampen had an extensive career in radio broadcast engineering and installation, film production, and electronic distribution. He holds an FCC Lifetime General License (formerly a First Class FCC License) and is an SBE Certified Radio Broadcast Engineer. On the data side, Lampen is a BICSI Registered Communication Distribution Designer. His latest book, “The Audio-Video Cable Installer’s Pocket Guide” is published by McGraw-Hill. His column “Wired for Sound” appears in Radio World Magazine.

Jon Landman, VP of Sales


Jon Landman has 20 years of experience in the broadcast and IT industries. He was responsible for designing and deploying end-to-end solutions for all segments of the broadcast market, including the design and integration of the first DVB-C and DVB-S systems in Israel (both 200+ MPEG 2 channel services) and in the design and installation of the largest terrestrial datacasting system in the USA. Landman is currently the VP of Sales at Teradek and has been previously certified as a Microsoft Avid and Tandberg engineer.<

Matt Leland, Sales Manager, FM Systems

SPX Communication Technologies

Matt Leland spent over 10 years with Microwave Techniques, Inc., a manufacturer of RF components for applications including Aegis and Patriot radar systems, TV, FM, high energy physics, and industrial heating. He held positions such as Product Designer, Design Group Manager and Production Manager. Leland also worked for Shively Labs, Manufacturer of FM antennas, filters and combiners. As the design department manager he was responsible for the design of RF and dehydrator products. He also contributed to the development of high pressure air dehydrators for the U.S. Navy FM radome redesign, and a line of MMDS broadcast antennas. Currently, Leland is the Radio Product Line Manager / Sales Manager for Dielectric Communications, SPX Corp. Dielectric manufactures Radio, TV and Mobile Media broadcast antennas, as well as RF products. Part of his work entails introducing new products, including high power broadband antenna designs DCR-Q broadband sidemount antenna and FMVee top mount, a new technique for reduced downward radiation in side-mounted antennas, and six patented IBOC antenna and RF products.

Richard McKinney, Senior Account Executive

Skycasters LLC

Richard McKinney likes technology. More accurately, he likes what technology can do to improve the quality of peoples’ lives.

After a military tour at an Army research lab, McKinney worked at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center where he did computer programming and computer aided analysis of data returning from LandSat, the first earth resources satellite.

At the age of 35, he took a sabbatical and sailed the Caribbean with his wife and infant daughter. After a period of reentry to the real world, he took on a sales position with Skycasters a 2001 startup. In addition to being a successful account executive, he has trained sales staff, developed promotional materials, published a white paper on VPN operation over satellite, and developed new market segments/services resulting in a repositioning of the company to larger, more sophisticated clients.

McKinney holds a bachelor’s degree in physics and mathematics.

John Naylor , B.Sc. (Hons), C.Eng., M.B.A

Ross Video Ltd.

John Naylor is a respected and experienced expert in the digital media industry with demonstrated leadership in digital audio, film, cinema and broadcast video.

At Kodak he was responsible for software development of Cinéon, the SFX program that effectively enabled film as a digital medium. He spearheaded multiple organic growth programs at Grass Valley: entry to the Pro/AV market with the Turbo iDDR digital disk recorder; and into the HD camcorder market where he created an industry partnership to support file-based HD workflows based on the Infinity content format. At NewTek he product managed the TriCaster the product that lit the fuse on the explosion in live web-streaming. Now with Ross Video, he is responsible for DashBoard as an open and widely used monitoring and control solution.

John has an MBA from Henley, England’s oldest management college and is a Chartered Engineer. He has delivered papers at international industry conferences sponsored by The NAB, SMPTE, HPA, and BKSTS.

Darryl Parker, Senior Vice President

TFT, Inc.

Darryl Parker has worked with federal, state and local officials and stakeholders to develop the Emergency Alert System and promulgate CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) into the broadcast industry; responsible for Marketing and Administration of TFT EAS, STL, and monitoring products in the USA, Canada, and over 75 countries worldwide.

Parker was a founding member of the ECIG (EAS-CAP Industry Group) and presently serves on the FCC’s CSRIC (Communications Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council) Working Group 9, chartered with EAS-CAP Migration.

Prior to TFT, he owned a sales and marketing company in Dallas, Texas; was Vice President of Martin, Zienkosky, Browne, and Associates in Dallas; Director of Engineering and Network Affiliations Manager for Texas State Network.

He attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, where he majored in Mathematics and holds minors in English and Classical Languages.

Wayne Pecena, CPBE, 8-VSB, AMD, DRB, CBNE

Texas A & M University

Wayne Pecena is the Assistant Director of Educational Broadcast Services in the Office of Information Technology at Texas A&M University. In this position, he serves as the Director of Engineering of TTVN: The Enterprise Videoconference and Data Network serving the Texas A&M University System and Public Broadcast stations KAMU-TV and KAMU-FM serving the Brazos Valley area. He is responsible for leading technology implementation for the enterprise network of the Texas A&M University System, supporting over 150 IP data locations and over 350 videoconference sites within Texas and internationally. In addition, Wayne is responsible for broadcast technology implementation at KAMU. He has over 35 years of broadcast telecommunications experience and holds BS and MS degrees from Texas A&M University. He is a licensed Private Pilot and holds Amateur Radio Operator License N1WP.

Efraim Petel, President

Alerting Systems Solutions, Inc.

Efraim Petel is a specialist in emergency warning for over 35 years, having personally designed the national public alert and notification systems for Israel, Singapore and Taiwan, and the first CAP based state-wide systems in California and Hawaii, as well as community-based emergency warning systems in various parts of the world. Petel participated as an invited member of numerous policy setting groups and the 1993 FCC Emergency Alert System development process, the Common Alerting Protocol development and the FEMA Integrated Public Alert and Warning system protocol enhancements of last year.

Petel is a board member of the CAP-EAS Industry group organization that established the implementation guidelines for Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) CAP Emergency Alert System (EAS) equipment. He is currently participating on an International Team of Experts as a Project Lead for the United Nation Development Program’s implementation of an EU funded regional CAP-based pilot emergency warning system network for the Dutch and UK Overseas Territories and Countries in the Caribbean. He is also a member of the leadership team developing the CAP-based earthquake early warning system in Mexico. Petel is President of Alerting Systems Solutions, Inc., a California company developing CAP based Warning Systems and Components for Government, Industry, and University Campuses.

Tony Peterle, CSRE, Technical Support Manager

WorldCast Systems

Tony Peterle grew up in Central Ohio and began taking things apart at an early age to find out how they worked. Fortunately for his parents’ sanity, he quickly learned how to put things back together, and graduated from the College of Wooster in 1981. He has been involved in radio broadcasting continuously since high school, working in Ohio, Kansas, Hawaii and Washington State, both on air and engineering. Peterle has held Chief Engineer positions in Honolulu, Kansas City, and Wichita. After attaining his commercial pilot’s license, Peterle spent several years as a traffic reporter in Kansas City, Honolulu and Seattle before receiving CSRE certification from the SBE in 2005. Shortly thereafter, he came to work for Audemat, and enjoys helping customers solve problems, traveling, contributing to the design of new products, and seeing familiar faces at NAB and SBE events.

Brad Plant, CBT, Assistant Marketing Product Manager – Infrastructure Solutions

Ross Video Ltd.

After 3 years of systems integration work in both broadcast and telco industries, Plant enrolled in the Broadcast Engineering Technology program at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (Calgary, AB) where he earned his CBT certification. After graduating, Plant accepted a role in tech support with Ross Video, and quickly transitioned to the field support engineer for OverDrive Automated Production Control System. In 2009, Plant accepted a new role as a product and application specialist for Ross Video Terminal Equipment and currently holds the title of Assistant Marketing Product Manager of Infrastructure Solutions.

Mary Ann Seidler, Vice President, Sales – Americas

Tieline Technology

Seidler began her broadcasting career as an on-air news and sports reporter. She eventually transitioned to the technical side of the business, developing a specialization in audio compression. She was one of a handful of “Expert Listeners” for the initial MPEG tests that developed MP2 and MP3 as international audio coding standards. She has presented and published many papers on audio compression, and was a long-time contributor to Radio World with her column on DAB-Eureka147.

Finally, Seidler has made an unusual contribution to our industry: The developers of MPEG2 deemed her voice a “codec buster,” and as a result her voice has been used by companies worldwide to test the robustness of their audio compression schemes.

William J. (Joe) Stack, P.E., CSRE, 8-VSB, CBNT, Senior Engineer

DSI RF Systems, Inc.

William (Joe) Stack has been involved with electronics since 1972 and began working in radio broadcasting in 1984 at WOUB, Athens, Ohio while obtaining a BSEE from Ohio University. In 1988, he accepted the position of Radio Engineering Supervisor at the Telecommunications Center at Ohio University where he was in charge of equipment purchasing and maintenance of 8 radio studios. The Telecommunications Center eventually grew to include 3 FM sites, an AM site and 2 UHF TV transmitters placed in strategic locations throughout Southeast Ohio.

In 1994, Stack took the position of Assistant Director of Engineering for Capital Cities / ABC Radio Division in New York. Since 1998, he has worked in broadcast equipment manufacturing, taking a position as Director of Engineering at Modulation Sciences and then being promoted in 2000 to Vice-President of Engineering. Stack has been with DSI RF Systems in the position of Senior Engineer since May 2008. He is the IEEE Princeton-Central Jersey Section Broadcast Technology Chapter Chairman and held the position of Exhibits Chair for the 33rd IEEE Sarnoff Symposium. He holds a General Radiotelephone License with radar endorsement and is a General class amateur radio operator with call sign N2JOE and a Registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) He is an IEEE, SMPTE and AES member and a Senior Member of the SBE.

Lynn Strube, Application Engineer

Bird Technologies

Lynn Strube acquired RF experience beginning with the United States Navy Submarine Service. His career grew into 34 years of experience with a major transmitter manufacturer. He held positions in research and development, design, in AM, FM & TV transmitters and antennas. Strube designed, built, tested and installed antenna systems, some including the Sears Tower, Empire State Building, Time Square, and the World Trade Center. Strube moved into System / Project Engineering with national and international projects, ranging over 5 continents and 75 countries. He was the project engineer for Italy, Romania, Egypt, Sudan, Iraq, Greece, and Vietnam, just to name a few. As project engineer, he worked with multiple government contracts involving a variety of agencies. Strube is currently an Application Engineer for Bird-Technologies, supporting the broadcast industry, military and many special order RF projects. Bird Technologies consists of Bird Electronic, TXRX Systems and the government division X-COM Systems.

Robert Surette, Director of Sales Engineering

Shively Labs

Bob Surette has been with Shively Labs, a Division of Howell Laboratories, since 1981. He graduated from Lowell Technological Institute, Lowell, Massachusetts in 1973 with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. Surette has been directly involved with the design and development of broadcast antennas, filter systems and RF transmission components since 1974, as an RF Engineer for six years with the original Shively Labs in Raymond, ME and for a short period of time with Dielectric Communications.

He is currently a Senior Member of IEEE, an Associate Member of the AFCCE and a member of SBE. Surette has authored a chapter on filters and combining systems for the latest edition of the CRC Electronics Handbook and for the 9th and 10th Edition of the NAB Handbook.

Frederick M. Baumgartner, CPBE, CBNT, Ennes Moderator, Trustee

Ennes Educational Foundation Trust

Fred Baumgartner, CPBE, CBNT, is a fellow in the Society of Broadcast Engineers, and a trustee of the Ennes Foundation. Fred works on Emerging Business Opportunities and Managed Services for Harris Broadcast. Fred was Director of Broadcast Engineering for Qualcomm’s MediaFLO project, and before that, he directed Leitch’s (now Harris) Systems Engineering group. Up to that time, he served as Director of Engineering for the Comcast Media Center in Denver, its Director of New Product Development through the center’s AT&T ownership and Director of Broadcast Satellite Operations during its TCI ownership era. Before joining the satellite and cable origination world, he held the position of Engineering Manager at KDVR-TV and KFCT-TV, Denver, WTTV-TV, WTTK-TV, Indianapolis, KHOW AM & FM, Denver; WIBA AM & FM, Madison, Wisconsin, and Operations Manager at KWGN-TV, Denver; and others beginning with the overnight gig and a newly minted FCC 1st Class license at WBIZ AM & FM, Eau Claire, Wisconsin in 1972. Fred was also heavily involved with the development of EAS, and has authored several hundred articles on Radio and TV engineering.