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Perspectives II: Broadcast Engineers and Program Directors

Course Description

Computers have changed the world of work; definitely the broadcast work environment. The days of complete job segmentation are over, having been replaced with sometimes aggressive turf-protection issues. This course is intended to provide the broadcast engineer with a program or content director’s perspective. By approaching the necessary engineering responsibilities from a programming standpoint, potential areas of conflict and confusion can be highlighted and this avoided. This course has no technical requirements and is designed for all who are broadcast engineers, AM, FM, and television.

Table of Contents

  1. The Bottom to Top Approach: How is the Equipment Designed?
  2. The Top to Bottom Approach: How is the Equipment Operated?
  3. Finding the DMZ (DeMilitarized Zone): Both Approaches are Valid
  4. Swimming as a Duck-Billed Platypus: What if You Are the Only One?
  5. Operating to the Presenting Problem: Minimum Operational Proficiency
  6. Engineering for the Operator: Make it Obvious
  7. Failure Procedures and Work-Arounds: Planning for the Inevitable
  8. Documentation that Everyone Can Read

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About the Author

Gary Ellingson is currently director of engineering for Northwestern Media, a subsidiary of the University of Northwestern – St. Paul. Northwestern Media owns and operates AM and FM broadcast facilities in eight communities throughout the Midwest. He has been employed in broadcasting from announcing through engineering since 1969. Ellingson taught electronics technology at a technical college in Minnesota for 14 years, and served as a consultant for four years to the State Board of Technical Colleges for curriculum program development in technical content areas. He received four U.S. patents in antenna systems and control with emphasis in the interaction between an antenna and the structure upon which it is mounted. Ellingson is a member of IEEE and SBE.

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