The Society of Broadcast Engineers

The Association for Broadcast and Multimedia Technology Professionals

Chapter Speaker List

The Society has organized a list of speakers who are available to present at chapter meetings. The list is comprised of people who work for SBE Sustaining Member companies, and topics include technical, regulatory, safety, management and other issues. Each speaker’s geographic availability is also noted.

Kerry de Boer Blackmagic Design 408-954-0500 x320 National
    4K, Ultra HD, high frame rates, live production, broadcast, A/V, video editing, cameras, color correction, video converters, video monitoring, routing, live switching, streaming, recording, HDR
Helen Carr Calrec Audio 703-307-1654 National
    Audio mixing for radio and TV, audio networking, remote broadcasting, AoIP
Michael Accardi CueScript 203-763-4030 National
    IP prompting solutions including SMPT 2110
Kim Savage Dielectric 207-655-8258 National
    RF design/implementation of translators/boosters; adaptive polarization for ATSC 3.0; antenna technology for ATSC 3.0 – MISO; digital modulation, single pulse RF breakdown; repack process and logistics; efficient UHF tunable filter using waveguide TE10 mode; improving FM combiner/filter efficiency
Ed Czarnecki Digital Alert Systems 585-765-1155 x122 DC, MD, VA
    EAS, the FCC and You; ATSC 3.0 and Advanced Emergency Communications
Marsha Bartlett Drake Lighting 270-804-7383 National
    Tower lighting; FAA Circular 70/7460 1L Change 1 and 1L Change 2
Jeff Detweiler DTS, Inc. 443-539-4334 Baltimore/Washington DC area
    HD Radio technology
Kim Glover Heartland Video Systems 800-332-7088 ext. 323 National
    master control and transmission systems
John Humphrey Hitachi Kokusai Electric Comark, LLC 724-903-0321 National
    High dynamic range for TV cameras
Doug Thompson Hitachi Kokusai Electric Comark, LLC 309-689-0301 Midwest Minnesota to Texas and Ohio to Kansas
    Encoding-multiplexing; high-, medium- and low-power transmission; high efficiency transmission; ATSC 3.0: What’s coming with the new standard?
Les Kutasi Kathrein USA 207-749-3440 National
    Antennas, RF systems, combiners and RF components
Mark Johnson Linkup Communications 703-217-8290 National
    Satellite downlinks and 5G – the coming storm of interference, Satellite and IP together for the most reliable content distribution (audio and video)
Clay Johnson Linkup Communications 703-217-8290 National
    Disaster recovery communications anywhere, anytime
Doug Watson Linkup Communications 703-217-8290 National
    5G filter installations and the importance of accuracy and documentation
Claude Turcotte MaestroVision 561-305-4469 National
     Everything broadcast engineers need to know about building and managing a broadcast automation system that saves time and money.
Jeff Welton Nautel 877-662-8835, ext. 5127 or 217-919-0189 Virtual
    AM, FM transmitter theory; HD Radio theory, implementation and optimization; Site or studio grounding and lightning protection; Transmitter site safety; Equipment maintenance
Benjamin Nemser Nemal Electronics Inc 305-899-0900 National
    Cabling and interconnects for HDTV and broadcast: current developments in HD/SDI, AES copper and fiber optic cables; SMPTE hybrid camera cable systems
Greg Martin Rohde & Schwartz 616-206-0301 National
    Advanced FM and HD Radio transmitter technology; energy savings through FM and TV transmitter liquid cooling
Chuck Barry Staco Energy Products 937-253-1191 x116 National
    Lithium-Ion batteries in data center/broadcast applications
Brittany Hilton Synthax 954-296-3936 National
    Audio broadcast equipment, audio processing, audio streaming, digital audio equipment, networked audio, wireless systems, HD Radio
Javier Ruano Televes 720-379-3748 National
    ATSC 3.0 test and measurement equipment, station and transmitter remote monitoring, field strength meters, receiving antennas and MATV solutions, ATSC 1.0/3.0 transmitters and gap-fillers
Lindsay Klinger Telos Alliance 216-241-7225 National
    Audio technologies including audio codecs; audio processing for broadcast, streaming, and television; broadcast telephony; IP intercom; offline audio file processing for radio, podcast, and video; audio routing, mixing, and distribution using audio-over-IP technologies including Livewire, AES67, and SMPTE 2110-30
William “Dub” Irvin WideOrbit 415-675-6726 National
    Radio automation systems, product integration, software development lifecycle and process