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Sage Alerting Releases Rev 96 Firmware Update

February 7, 2024

Sage has released the Rev 96 firmware update. The update needs to be installed by March 11, 2024, to meet the FCC rules regarding CAP Prioritization and national message text. The update is available from any of Sage distributor. Any Model 3644 Sage Digital Endec originally purchased new from dealer stock after December 12, 2021, is eligible for a free Rev96 update. This includes serial numbers B418750 to B429999. Once an update is purchased, or if the unit is eligible for a free update, go to the download page at and follow the steps there. Rev95 must be installed before installing Rev96.

The Rev 96 release also includes replacements for security certificates expiring in mid-April 2024, and support for new certs to be issued starting April 1, 2024. These are used by FEMA to allow EAS devices to validate alerts as required by Part 11.56(3)(c).

In addition to the FCC required changes, Rev 96 includes several usability features, including automated emailing of conformance reports, required alert summaries and the full log each week. This will reduce the amount of time needed to acquire and review the log data, and reduce the number of people that need to access the ENDEC. This will help to further highlight compliance issues such as failure to receive RWTs and RMTs, and to send RWTs and relay RMTs. Additional features are described in the release notes.

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