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Advanced RF Series RF 201: Module 8: AM Multiplexed Antenna Systems

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Tom F. King, President and CEO of Kintronic Labs, Inc., presents this AM Multiplexing webinar that covers the feasibility criteria  for multiplexing two or more AM stations.  Basic isolation filter designs and tower feed methods for improved audio bandwidth of multiplexed AM stations is also covered.  Omnidirectional AM multiplexed design approach and directional AM multiplexed design approach as well as analog versus HD digital and AM multiplexed design approach is also discussed.

Advanced RF: RF201 Webinar Series

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  • Module 2: FM Antenna Systems, ON DEMAND
  • Module 3: AM Directional Antenna Systems, ON DEMAND
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  • Module 8: AM Multiplexed Antenna Systems, ON DEMAND
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About Your Instructor: Tom King, President and CEO, Kintronic Labs

Tom King

Tom F. King is the president and CEO of Kintronic Labs, Inc.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electical Engineering and a Masters of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, both from the University of Tennessee. He has authored or co-authored numerous technical papers on the subject of AM broadcast antenna systems and related topics. He is the 2015 recipient of the NAB Radio Engineering Lifetime Achievement Award. His wife, Leigh and he have two sons, Dr. Benjamin King and Joshua King and two daughters, Katherine Kreuser and Geneva King.

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