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Overview of Webinars

The Society of Broadcast Engineers is pleased to bring you Webinars by SBE. Webinars by SBE consists of online seminars on subjects of interest to broadcast engineers. You can view the webinar live, or choose to view it from the archives on our website. 

Why sign up for a webinar?

There are several reasons why webinars are beneficial:

  • Time Efficient – Gain immediate information in a short span of time
  • Cost Efficient – When you can’t afford the cost of travel or time away from work
  • Convenient – View a recorded webinar anytime, day or night

What is the format of a webinar?

Each webinar typically lasts 60-90 minutes (some last up to three hours). A presentation is shown over the Internet and audio is heard through VoIP on your computer or by telephone through a phone conference.  Participants of the live webinar can ask questions of the instructor, and receive a link to the recording for future viewing. 

Can questions be asked during the live webinar?

Yes, during the live webinar there is a chat box where you may send the instructor(s) questions. 

What are the system requirements to participate in or view a webinar?

Before registering for a webinar, verify that your computer meets the requirements to fully participate in the meeting:

  • PC or Mac
  • Internet Explorer 7.0 or later, Safari or Firefox
  • At least 800×600 screen resolution
  • Steady Internet connection, 56K or above -some features may require a broadband connection
  • Working computer speakers (if you are listening to the audio via VoIP)

What Members are saying about Webinars by SBE

“This webinar was very informative. I was unaware of how complicated the proper operation of these new devices will be, so the information gained here will certainly be helpful.”
– Andrew Kennedy, CBNT of the TV White Space Devices Webinar

“I cannot tell you how much I appreciated this webinar. Thanks Doug for doing this and providing such useful and important insight on this new ‘currency’ in the fm band.”
– Participant of the Webinar by SBE on Creative Strategies for Translators and Boosters

“Thanks for the webinar, to BSW for sponsoring it, and John for sharing his experience and knowledge. I am sorry I was not able to participate live, but the recording was great, and I’m for sure going to re-watch/listen to it and take notes … Lots of great info for a new engineer.”
– Matthew Chambers, CBT, of the Springtime Maintenance Webinar

“This was my first webinar and it went great! Congrats to Mr. Baldridge for his non-stop performance!”
– Participant of the Webinar by SBE on Chief Operator Responsibilities