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Applied RF Basics – Module 4 – UHF and Above – Microwave Systems and Satellite Systems

Originally streamed February 15, 2024 

The four-part Applied RF Series concludes with Module 4- UHF and Above – Microwave Systems and Satellite Systems. In session four, we go from megahertz to gigahertz and look at the really high frequencies. At this wavelength, a drop of rain can act as an attenuator. In this session, we’ll try to answer: What can be done to maximize reliability? How can redundancy be built in? What are the options for most improved performance?

Your Instructors

Jeff WeltonJeff Welton, CBRE, Nautel

Jeff Welton took his training in the Radio College of Canada (RCC) Electronics Engineering Technologist program and a recipient of the NAB Engineering Award for Radio. Jeff has performed component-level repair, field installation and service, technical support and quality assurance roles with various companies and has been with Nautel for more than 30 years, the first 17 of which were spent in field service and technical support positions, as well as assisting engineering with design review of new products and improvement of existing systems. Since moving to sales in 2007, Jeff keeps finding ways to get his hands dirty and can frequently be found assisting in the install of a transmitter he’s sold, as well as performing site inspections and the occasional repair.

Cindy Hutter Cavell, Director, Cavell Mertz Spectrum Division Airspace Group

Cindy CavellCindy Hutter Cavell is the director of the Cavell-Mertz Spectrum Division of Capitol Airspace Group.  She was the winner of the 2019 NAB Television Engineering Achievement Award – the first woman to receive this honor.  She has also won three Emmy Awards, the 2015 TV NewsCheck Women in Technology Leadership Award, and the 2007 SBE-AWRT Outstanding Female Engineer award.

Cindy spent 15 years at NBC and ABC News, traveling with Presidential press pools throughout the world, handled three Olympics for ABC television, and managed many remote broadcasts in exotic countries.  Cindy has been a major market TV station chief engineer for Hearst, Gannett and Fox, was GM of the Fox Sports Net tech center in Houston.


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