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ATSC 3.0 Tutorial from SBE@PBS TechCon 2019

Instructional Method: On-Demand

Originally presented at SBE@PBS TechCon in 2019.

Note: There is a numeric gap in the video titles. Content was combined appropriately to produce fewer videos. There are six videos total in the collection.

Part 1: The Physical Layer

The fundamentals of transmission change dramatically compared to 8-VSB. Originally, this alone was the motivation for replacing ATSC 1.0. It is the Physical Layer (PHY) that enables single-frequency networks and mobile reception. Beyond OFDM, a bootstrap signal and Physical Layer Pipes (PLPs) empower NextGen over-the-air (OTA) TV to reach receiving devices in an extremely broad set of circumstances and for a multiple of uses.

Presenters: Madeleine Noland, Consultant, LG Electronics and President, ATSC Luke Fay, Senior Manager Technical Standards; Sony Electronics US Technology Standards Office Bill Soreth, Senior Systems Development Engineer, Acrodyne Services.

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Part 2: Broadcast Regulations

NextGen regulatory and contractual deployment requirements include simulcasting carriage mandates, program hosting agreement issues for 1.0 and 3.0 stations, government applications and notifications. Meeting these obligations and preserving station cashflow require broadcast engineers to know how far ATSC 1.0 content compression can be pushed and at what cost. Partnering through channel sharing is a big part of broadcasters’ deployment plans. Broadcast engineers must provide the technical specifications competently in these legal arrangements.

Presenter: Jerry Fritz, Executive Vice President for Strategic and Legal Affairs; ONE Media 3.0 presents.

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Part 4: NextGen/ATSC 3.0 Transmitter Conversion

Converting transmitters and STLs to ATSC 3.0 service and performing the proof-of-performance and acceptance testing are covered by the engineers that build the transmitters.

Presenters: Doug Lung, VP Engineering, Telemundo Group S. Merrill Weiss, President, Merrill Weiss Group Joe Seccia, Principal Architect, TV Transmission Products; GatesAir Thomas Barbeau, Vice President of Engineering; Comark Communications Greg Martin, Account Manager Broadcast & Media; Rhode & Schwarz USA William Smith, USA Sales Director, Avateq Corp.

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Part 6: NextGen Broadcast/ATSC 3.x Scheduler

The Gateway, System Scheduler and Manager is the central piece of a NextGen broadcast transmission system that aggregates all the IP content and assigns it to the proper Physical Layer pipes (PLPs), adding low-level signaling, control, announcement and configuration information that becomes the studio transmitter link (STL) stream that in turn feeds the modulator/exciter of the over-the-air (OTA) transmitter.

Presenters: Richard Lhermitte, VP, Solutions & Market Development, ENENSYS TeamCast, Inc. San Jin Yoon, Senior Vice President, DigiCAP Jerome Floch, Product Marketing Manager, Enensys.

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Part 7: Monitoring and Display

An ATSC 3.0 station’s first piece of NextGen test equipment might be a dongle with an array of analytical and decoding/player/display software. The first home gateways with limited capability and storage are in the prototype stage. All the aspects of monitoring and display are covered in this section.

Presenters: Myra Moore, Founder and President, Digital Tech Consulting Bonnie Beeman, CEO and Founder, Michael Minakami, Koherence, LLC Ralph Bachofen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Triveni Digital Jason Justman, Senior Principal Architect and SinclairDigital Joonyoung Park, DigiCAP Co., Ltd..

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