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Chief Operator Responsibilities – What Should I Be Doing?

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In winter 2012, Dennis Baldridge presented on the responsibilties of a chief operator, since that time there have been several changes and upates.

The licensee of each AM, FM, TV or Class A TV broadcast station must designate a person to serve as the station’s chief operator (FCC Rules 73.1870). Depending on the type of facilities, there are varying requirements as to who this person may be and their responsibilities. This training covers the responsibilities of the designated chief operator and the duties necessary to fulfill this position.

This webinar will be a review of the duties to be performed by each station’s chief operator. Many chief operators come to this position with limited technical background; others are proficient with the technical aspects but are unfamiliar with all the requirements. Topics include:

  • The station’s designation – who is qualified to fill this position.
  • Administrative responsibilities: station logs, EAS logs, official station records
  • Technical responsibilities: is the station operating by the rules?
  • Accuracy responsibilities: do the records accurately reflect what happened?
  • Communication requirements: who does the Chief Operator report to?
  • Authentication requirements: Authenticate the station’s records – your name is on the line.
  • Sample templates of required documents will be provided.

Why You Should Attend

SBE members often serve as the designated (or alternate) chief operator. Others are key support personnel for managerial staff. SBE members who understand the requirements of the chief operator will be an invaluable source for any broadcast facility.


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About Your Instructor – Dennis Baldridge, CPBE, 8-VSB, AMD, DRB, CBNT      

Dennis BaldridgeDennis Baldridge has been working in the field of broadcasting for over 30 years. He is a Senior Member of the SBE, holds an FCC Lifetime General License (formerly a First Class FCC License) and Amateur Radio Extra Class License (K0DB). Baldridge holds a Masters of Arts in Education (M.A.E.) and teaches science courses for Upper Iowa University. As owner of Baldridge Communications, LLC, he works as a contract engineer and has also authored several articles for Radio Guide.

Baldridge has been associated with the Alternate Inspection Program of the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association for the past four years. His focus has been helping stations verify substantial compliance to the FCC rules through the use of the FCC’s Self-Inspection Checklists.

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