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Cybersecurity for Remote Transmitter Sites

ON Demand after March 18, 2021

This presentation explains how broadcast engineers can effectively integrate remote transmitter site operation including studio, NOC and field access while keeping the IT department happy. Topics covered include: the impact of cybersecurity breaches; specific vulnerabilities to IoT devices; why off-the-shelf-solutions fail; the need for science; how business and tech can coexist safely; why NOCs create special challenges; and how to choose cloud vs on-premises.

Your Instructor

Peter Burk, President, Burk Technology

Peter BurkPeter Burk is president of Burk Technology, a company he founded in 1985 to design and manufacture remote control systems for broadcast transmitters. Previously, Burk was vice president of Sales for Comrex, following two decades as chief engineer for several Cap Cities and Mid America Media stations. He has presented papers at SBE and NAB National Conventions, and IEEE Broadcast Symposia. As a broadcast engineer, Burk was a frequent contributor to Radio World and was the radio editor for Broadcast Engineering magazine. He has written articles on topics ranging from broadbanding AM antennas to transmitter remote control.


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