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Use of Drones for Broadcast Signal Measurements

Originally streamed November 4, 2021

In some instances, the use of drones for broadcast signal measurement can be misunderstood or not fully utilized.

This presentation will educate you about the use of drones and the exceptional benefits drones bring to understanding RF signals. Different types of drones will be covered and the pros and cons of each will be provided. The scopes of work available to the broadcast industry will also be discussed along with why the services should be used.

Other topics to be covered include interpolated data versus non-interpolated data and why the difference is noteworthy. The presentation will review insurance requirements, FAA licenses and the importance of flight logs, pricing and other supporting services including reporting structures and their immediate value to engineers and general managers.

Your Instructor

Phil Larsen, Vice President, Airborne Division QForce

Phil LarsenPhil brings exceptional industry experience in the combining of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) into the Broadcast / Telecommunication industries and is a proven business leader. He is considered one of the foremost experts in these industries and consults all over the world.   Phil has worked for DoD, NSA, CIA, Navy and other governmental agencies in multiple capacities and most recently consulted numerous country and military leaders on strategic applications in internal security measures via UAVs. Phil holds three professional licenses, Firefighter, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and FAA 107 pilot and is a retired Rescue Chief.

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This webinar will be approximately 90 minutes long. 

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If you have questions regarding this course, contact Cathy Orosz via email or by phone at 317-846-9000.

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