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Implementing SNMP: Part 2

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Implementing SNMP: Part 2

The Simple Network Management Protocol or “SNMP” was created as a means to monitor and control devices in an Internet Protocol (IP) network. The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) was created as a means to monitor and control devices in an Internet Protocol (IP) network. Implementing SNMP: Part 2 of this series will build upon the SNMP fundamentals presenter in Part 1 by looking at implementation of a SNMP platform in the broadcast environment to provide a robust monitoring and notification alerting environment from IT equipment to the transmitter. The focus will include commercial and open-source options available to implement your own SNMP system.

SNMP Webinar Series

  • Part 1: Fundamentals of SNMP, Now Available ON DEMAND
  • Part 2: Implementing SNMP, Now Available ON DEMAND

Wayne PecenaAbout Your Instructor: Wayne Pecena, CPBE, 8-VSB, AMD, DRB, CBNE

Wayne M. Pecena is the Assistant Director of Educational Broadcast Services at Texas A&M University where he serves as Director of Engineering for public broadcast stations KAMU FM & TV. He holds BS & MS degrees from Texas A&M University and SBE CPBE (w/AMD, DRB, & 8-VSB) and CBNE certifications. Wayne serves as the SBE National Board Vice-President, Executive Committee Member, and chairs the Education Committee. He was named the SBE Educator of the Year in 2012, Radio World Engineer of the Year in 2014, named a SBE Fellow in 2016, and an IEEE-BTS Distinguished Lecturer in 2018.

Wayne is a frequent industry speaker and lecturer on Information Technology topics and specializes in IP Networking topics to technology focused audiences. Past industry presentation events include the ABA-Engineering Academy, APRE-PREC, CCBE-Canada, WABE-Canada, InfoComm International, NAB BEITC, NAB Radio Show, PBS TechCon, SBE Ennes Workshops, SBE chapters, SMPTE, and numerous State broadcasting association conferences.

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