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KREX – the Real World of Disaster Recovery

Originally streamed in 2013



For most engineers, the disaster recovery plan is a file on a hard drive that is a rarely updated and sketchy plan on what should be done if the station is destroyed. Find out what real-world lessons in disaster planning were learned when the CBS and Fox affiliate in Grand Junction, CO, burned completely to the ground and the Super Bowl was just two weeks away.

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About Your Instructor – Skip Erickson

Skip Erickson began his career in broadcasting at KSL-TV in 1976 as a news photographer and built its first ENG truck. Holding a number of positions in news and technical management in the early 1980s; he joined WCCO-TV as technical manager for its Washington, DC, bureau in 1985. In 1991, Erickson was appointed the director of engineering at WCCO in Minneapolis and remained there until 1999 when he became the director of technology at KARE-TV, Minneapolis. In 2003, he moved to Denver to be the VP of engineering for Fox O&O KDVR/KFCT and then worked as a system engineer for Beck Associates in 2005 and 2006.

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