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The Network Analyzer: Use and Application in the Broadcast Environment

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This session discusses the basics of network analysis, available equipment to the broadcast community, what information can be provided to the engineer by means and use of a network analyzer device, the differences between a scaler network analyzer and a vector network analyzer (VNA), and practical applications of the network analyzer in broadcasting and RF communications.

Instructor: Greg Buchwald

Greg Buchwald, a distinguished member of the technical staff at Motorola, has been involved in radio broadcasting andGreg Buchwald engineering for nearly 50 years. He began his involvement in radio at the age of 14 with fundamental interest in broadcasting and has been intermittently involved in the NRSC over the past nearly four decades. Greg is a 43-year employee of Motorola Solutions where he has worked on multiple diverse communications projects and has also been involved in regulatory and spectrum matters. Greg is an elected Motorola Science Advisory Board Associate (SABA) and a recently elected Motorola Dan Noble Fellow. He was the 2016 recipient of the DJ Atkinson Technical Award for his work on the protection of GPS services by the National Public Safety Telecommunications Council. An active SBE member, Greg is involved in both the SBE Education and Mentor Committees.


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