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RF201: Module 6 – RF Systems Diagnostic Measurements

Instructional Method: Now Available ON DEMAND


This talk will focus on the means and methods for testing antenna systems and what the information/data means. With the repack in full swing, it is important for station engineers to have a good understanding of the test data they will receive on their new antenna systems plus existing systems should have a good base line data on hand for when problems arise. A brief discussion of the care and handling of tower contractors will also be covered.

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About Your Instructor: Richard Wood, President, Resonant Results, Ltd.

Rich Wood

Presenting this webinar is Richard Wood, president of Resonant Results. Richard has been installing, testing or troubleshooting antenna systems for broadcasting for more than 40 years. He first became involved in FM broadcast in college. After graduating from Lake Forest College, with a First-Class Radio Telephone License in hand, he worked with a GE Mobile shop doing field service. In 1979, while working as a staff engineer at WIBA Radio, Richard started the tower service company Skyline Communications. For 20 years, he and his wife ran the company installing towers and testing antenna systems in the upper Midwest. In 1999, they sold the company and Richard worked as a subcontractor and field engineer for D. L. Markley and Associates doing antenna testing and commissioning during the DTV buildout. Richard has been a member of the SBE since 2006 and is also a certified thermographer.

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