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SNMP, Module 3: SNMP – What is it Good For? Absolutely Everything!

Originally streamed January 13, 2022

Module 3 of the SNMP Series will explore the use of the Simple Network Management Protocol in broadcast facility control, with a focus on the benefits. We will look at how broadcasters are using SNMP to make their lives easier, and their facilities more robust and resilient. From the simple sharing of information to consolidate data and functions from multiple physical sites onto a single display, use of SNMP has expanded to include control of virtual audio switchers, automatic site handovers and other processes that can help engineers resolve technical issues quickly and maximize up-time!

Your Instructor:

Tony Peterle, Manager, Worldcast Systems, Inc.

Tony PeterleTony Peterle has been involved in broadcasting since 1974, as on-air talent, trafficwatch pilot/reporter and chief engineer in Ohio, Hawaii, Seattle and Kansas City. He joined Worldcast Systems in 2005, and started learning about SNMP in 2007, as part of a new facility control hardware/software development. Author of SBE University courses on SNMP, Tony has given countless seminars, webinars and Ennes sessions on its use, with hands-on demonstrations at PREC and the Wisconsin Broadcasters Clinic.

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