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Testing, Measurement and Monitoring for ATSC 3.0 Broadcasting Systems

Originally streamed February 16, 2023

This presentation focuses on the testing, measurement and monitoring of ATSC 3.0 broadcast systems. It provides a brief overview of the IP and RF signal parameters and discuss the “When, Where and How” of testing, measurement and monitoring of signal elements. These elements must be measured and monitored to ensure standards compliance and interoperability with downstream transmission and receiving devices. Hardware- and software-based devices and systems used to test, measure and monitor the signals will be discussed. A live demonstration of the measurement and monitoring of actual “on air” ATSC 3.0 transmission systems with currently available software-based products will be included.

Your Instructors

John B. CaseyJohn B. Casey, CTO & Co-Founder,

John Casey is chief technology officer and co-founder at John is an eminent mobile DTV hardware and software expert. He leads all ATSC 3.0 design, development and commercialization of’s first-ever NextGen TV products. John is the inventor, and designer of TvXplorer professional test and measurement software, and the companion RedZone Receiver that are in-use widely by TV broadcasters today in the U.S. and abroad. 


Jay AdrickJay Adrick, Consultant, Cavell Mertz & Associates Inc.

Jay is a 58-year veteran of the television broadcast industry, and a leader in the design and integration of digital broadcasting systems. Jay retired in 2013 as VP of broadcast technology from Harris Corporation’s Broadcast Communications Division and returned on a part-time basis as a technology advisor to the Transmission business unit which is known GatesAir. In his position at Harris, Jay led the development of the ATSC Mobile DTV system, provided strategic guidance for the development of new broadcast products and represented Harris in the world of broadcast standards.

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