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TV White Space Devices and Wireless Microphones

Originally streamed in 2016



This webinar provides an overview of what the FCC has authorized for unlicensed devices and how this will impact the daily operations of a broadcaster, news organization or production company. For a long time broadcasters and production companies have used vacant TV channels for wireless microphone, IFB and intercom operations. Up to now this usage has been limited to those just mentioned on a licensed basis which means channel availability and interference mitigation has been easily manageable.

The FCC is now allowing unlicensed wireless devices to operate in these vacant, or TV White Space, channels as well as accommodating unlicensed microphone use. This will significantly impact news and remote operations for broadcasters and others. This is not something for the future. It is happening today and you need to know how it will impact you and what you can do to ensure it doesn’t negatively impact your operations.

What Previous Participants Thought

“This is a very timely topic of extreme importance to most broadcasters and others. Very useful information well presented.” – John Collinson

“Timely material for broadcasters, time spent with this webinar was extremely valuable. Thank you for providing us with this important knowledge!” – John Boehm, CSRE

About Your Instructor – Joe Snelson, CPBE, 8-VSB

Joe SnelsonJoe Snelson has been actively involved in television broadcasting for more than 41 years. His broadcasting career began prior to graduating with honors from Los Angeles City College with an Associate in Arts degree in Broadcasting Technology. For a year he was an electronics technician for the broadcasting department where he maintained the radio and television broadcast equipment.

In 1971, Snelson joined the staff of KHOF-TV-FM, a part of the Faith Broadcasting Network, in the Los Angeles area where he ultimately advanced to the position of assistant chief engineer. In 1977, he moved to Kansas City as the first chief engineer for KYFC-TV where he was responsible for the construction of the studio/transmitter facilities and signed the station on the air. Three years later he joined KCTV, formerly KCMO-TV, owned by Meredith Corporation. Meredith owns 12 television stations in various top 100 markets across the country and an AM radio station. For more than 15 years Snelson was the director of engineering at KCTV with split corporate engineering responsibilities for Meredith’s group of stations.

He retired as vice president of engineering for the Meredith Local Media Group. He is a member of the National Association of Broadcasters TV Technology Committee and actively participated as a member of the technical committee for the model digital television station (WHD-DT) in Washington, DC, during the birth of digital broadcast television in the United States.

Snelson has served as the vice president and president of the Society of Broadcast Engineers and chairs the National Frequency Coordination Committee. In addition, he serves on the National Certification Committee.

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