The Society of Broadcast Engineers

The Association for Broadcast and Multimedia Technology Professionals

SBE Youth Membership

What is an SBE Youth Member?

An SBE Youth member is a member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers that is of high-school age and who has an interest in broadcast engineering. Youth members receive various benefits by belonging to the organization, such as:

  • Information on the various fields that make up the broadcast engineering industry
  • Information on schools specializing in electronics and broadcast engineering – both two-year and four-year schools.
  • SBE Youth membership card
  • Information on internships available across the country
  • An invitation to participate in a local SBE chapter program designed for high school students to learn more about career opportunities
  • SBE member rates on technical books and publications about broadcast engineering
  • A copy of the annual SBE Membership Directory & Buyers’ Guide
  • Access to available jobs listed on SBE JobsOnline
  • Opportunities to develop mentor relationships with active professionals in the industry, exposing you to what broadcast engineers do each day. This experience can be invaluable as you prepare to make career decisions that will affect your future.
  • Information on scholarships for those interested in broadcast engineering careers

Who Should Join SBE?

Students in grades nine through 12 who have an interest in the technical side of broadcasting are eligible for Youth membership in SBE.

If you are active with your school radio or television station, an amateur radio club or have your own amateur radio station and have an interest in the technology that makes them operate, then Youth membership in SBE is for you! Maybe you have not had the opportunity to get involved in one of the station activities mentioned, but you have an interest in communications technology – computers, transmitters, audio and video equipment – membership in SBE can help you learn more about the field.

How To Join SBE

Simply fill out a Youth Membership Application, sign it and return it to the SBE National Office with your dues payment. Youth member dues are $10 per year. Your membership expiration date will be one year from the end of the month in which you join. Once approved, you will receive your SBE membership card.

For more information on the SBE, please contact the SBE National Office.